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Who we are

Daylight is queering banking for the better.

When it comes to your wellbeing, you seek out LGBT+ doctors, therapists, mentors, and even bartenders. People who just get it. Daylight is that for your financial wellbeing, and money is just the beginning.

Our community has $1 trillion spending power in the US and yet 53% of LGBT+ people struggle to maintain regular savings. That’s high-key unacceptable. We’re done letting the system ignore us. We’re building Daylight around our unique needs: different timelines, different kinds of families, different goals and different futures.

Our story of fearlessly creating LGBT+ wealth is just beginning.

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What makes us different

We were founded by queer millennials to solve problems we’ve experienced already. We’ve been there, so we get it. For Daylight, it’s more than just slapping a rainbow on a card. It’s about personal wins, set and met goals, and the success of the community around us.

Our team knows that companies are struggling to help us. But we’ve come too far to turn back now. We’re ready to help our members live fulfilling lives. Being part of the Daylight community means you’re ready, too. It’s about succeeding together. That’s queer banking for you.

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