Team Spotlight: Matt Modrowski – Design Lead

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Team Spotlight: Matt Modrowski – Design Lead

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Matt is the Design Lead at Daylight. He previously worked for Monzo on their expansion into the US where he was responsible for the internationalization of the UK-based business for the US environment.

What steps led you to Daylight?

I’ve been building things for the web for the past 15 years, trying to create products that help serve the underserved. Most recently, I helped with product design at two FinTech startups and it was through a co-worker that I was introduced to the Daylight team. I immediately fell in love with Daylight’s mission. Queer banking? Sign me up.

When was the first time you thought about money?

I was lucky enough to have parents that taught me money basics early in life by giving me a small allowance every week in exchange for doing chores around the house. I remember just wanting to save up enough to get a Sega Genesis.

What was your “aha” moment with money?

I’m not sure that I ever had an ‘aha’ moment with money, but rather a series of accumulated experiences — from earning and saving with an allowance to figuring out to manage a part-time job while in high school. But I think the biggest moment was college / moving out on my own and figuring out how to budget.

What do you do outside of work?

I love movies and TV, especially older film classics. My husband writes about media for a living, so there’s always a good opportunity to watch interesting new things — we just finished watching “I May Destroy You” and are currently working through “Lovecraft Country.” When I’m not doing that, you’ll find me out hiking, baking, or playing video games (currently replaying Alan Wake).

Favorite LGBT+ business?

Outfest is a wonderful organization that supports LGBT+ media and arts, including their yearly Outfest Film Festival here in LA.

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